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LOKATT is a techno/pop duo that consists of Stockholm-based sisters Nina and Johanna (who have a background as folk-pop/indie duo Piroth. Back in 2013, using their very own Oma’s Studio, they started producing techno music with pop influences from their own Oma’s Studio. In 2015 they released their acclaimed debut EP “Karg”, which was followed by the “Samoa EP”, in 2017. They also run the label Oma Gusti with releases by top name artists such as Harald Björk, Studio Barnhus, Nathan Fake, Missincat, The Land Below and Clara Moto.

Their new single “Me and AI” will be released tomorrow May 23rd via their own label Oma Gusti and it’s a steadfast melancholic sounding track with a spaced out techno melody and fleeting vocals.

The track deals with the relationship between man and machine and represents a metaphor for the human challenges in expressing emotion. “Me And AI” is a duet between the voices of LOKATT and their interpretation of the voice of AI.

Lokatt – Me and AI from Gilma Sobrino on Vimeo.

Swedish producer The Land Below (AKA Erik Lindestad) has become pretty much a staple here at Discobelle HQ with his impeccable productions and magical sounding tracks. He is now inching closer to his new album release next month via The Future Sound Of Stockholm.

The third single from the upcoming album is “Walk Like Nothing” and the track is a synthdriven and glimmering piece of pure pop perfection.

Portuguese producer/dj Bruno Cardoso is better known as Xinobi and the Lisbon based producer is now delighted to announce his return in the form of new single “Piano Lessons”. The three track single is slated for release this Friday, May 17th via Discotexas.

The single consists of two tracks that are both rooted and built around the piano. The piano being the most important element here, building on an idea that occurred to Xinobi, that of trying to learn the piano and then integrate it as much as possible on future releases, of which this marks the first. We here at Discobelle can proudly premiere the steadfast and housey title track “Piano Lessons” which has a classical feel with a jazzed up arrangement that makes this track twist like a snake until it finally explodes into a straight up ethereal banger.

“Piano Lessons came as pure magic, it was recorded and played a bit randomly, I’ve only added a few small tweaks when producing the track. Proof it was a magical moment the first time around. I have since tried to play it again and still can’t get as close to the soul I can feel in the original recording. Proof to me that that first time around was truly a magical moment”

Westcoast Goddess is a new alias of a Berlin-based producer that has previously released on labels like 100% Silk, Omena, Heart To Heart and Peach Discs under the alias Videopath. Under the new alias Westcoast Goddess, he goes on a spiritual journey to explore soulful and classic house sounds.

New Belgian based label Penelope drops the debut release “Truth Rainbow” which has already seen early support coming in from Tensnake, Shanti Celeste, and Marquis Hawkes.

We here at Discobelle can premiere the EP title track, “Truth Rainbow” is a joyful and bumping track with the warm sounding keys and irresistible congas driving you straight for the dancefloor.

NYC duo Ishaan Chaudhary & Will Curry better known as MEMBA is a duo incorporating tailor-made instruments and ancient world rhythms into their approach to electronic music.

On their latest bass-infused single “Walls Down” (the second to be taken from their EP “SAGA-II”, they team up with EVAN GIIA – a classically trained opera singer that has entered the alt-pop scene.

“Walls Down took us a while because we wrote it twice – initially it was much faster. We showed it to EVAN GIIA and she immediately understood the direction of the song. She wrote the lyrics and recorded the final version in a few hours… in her bathroom. We usually re-track but there was this sauce in the original delivery that we just loved. Months passed and it didn’t really hit for us production-wise, so we decided to V2 it. We started the entire thing from scratch and were possessed to write the version you hear today. We are super glad we were patient with this one. It feels so right now.”

Swedish artist Adam 888 teamed up with Oslo based producer Clairmont for the electronica laced trap ballad “Back Inzide”.

“Back Inzide” is the first single to be released from Adam 888 during May.

“Back Inzide” is a song about life’s mystery and beauty. To be able to experience the beauty we need to go back inside. A lot of times I tend to get stuck in my thoughts so I made this song to remind myself the importance of going back inside my body, connecting to my soul. The track is produced by Oslo based Clairmont, I was playing a few chords on the guitar and Clair felt the vibe and made this fire beat. We made the track in one session, an effortless creation, we were definitely back inside”

Swedish mystery duo San Fran just released their magnificent debut single “The Look You Gave Me” and it’s a dancey-pop anthem in the vein of Peter Björn and Johns 2006 whistling mega-hit “Young Folks”.

“San Fran is a mysterious constellation of comfortably awkward explorers, down on one knee proposing to the pop scene, in hope that their naive eyes and playful melodies will steal the heart and the feet of at least some of you. San Fran is short for Sans France which literally translates to “without France”, an homage to the fact that the band has little to no connection to that country. The debut single ”The Look You Gave Me” is a documentation of a moment. Roberto Benigni once said ”If looks could kill, I am dead now” this is a song about the opposite ”If looks could give birth, I’m alive now”…”

Dady – 250cc

May 6 2019

Dady, a project by singer/songwriter Rachel Dady and songwriter/producer Jesse O’Connor, are here to make a statement with their new single “250cc.” The NYC-based pairing boast an impressively mature sound, stocked full with well-crafted melodies and silky vocals. 250cc is about being in a relationship that has become one-sided, but having the strength to drive away. The dirt bike reference was inspired by the Disney Channel movie, Motocrossed.” – Rachel (Dady)