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Canadian artist Jr. Rhodes has been making waves lately with his trap/hip hop sound. His new track “Musicboxx” is a collaborative effort with fellow Canadian Daslowkey, US artist No1-Noah and Australian songstress Samantha Reimer.

The track is more or less themed around Halloween, thus providing a “spooky vibes/narratives” feel with suggestive vocals courtesy of Samantha Reimer.

Daktyl isn’t a newcomer to the scene but his new singles portray a different side to the producer than many may come to expect from his previous works. Following a Patagonian retreat to focus on developing his skillset, the former UK-native is back with a pair of singles that also mark his foray into the indie world. Lily Kershaw lends her vocal talent for the first single in “Chaos Control” and “Ku Ring Gai” is manned by none other than the man himself (also a debut of sorts). Check them out below:

Squelchy yet sacral sounding acid techno from Umeå based outfit Bottenvikens Silverkyrka. The duo who was shortlisted for best electronic act by Swedish magazine Gaffa concludes their trilogy: “Det Stora Uppvaknandet”, “Arken” and “Stadskyrkan” with the compilation album “Trenolltreenigheten” (released on cassette by Lamour Records) which also includes two brand new tracks and a live performance with a church organ. The album tells “the whole story about dance music, togetherness and the search for eternity”.

Los Angeles artist Berel fuses old-school r’n’b with soulful vocals, his brand new EP “Thirteenth Floor” was released earlier this week and from the EP we picked out the track “Before You Go” which is a lush sounding, soul drenched, late-night banger dealing with love/lust and enjoying our time together while we have it.