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SF/Miami based indie-pop songstress ZOLA releases a little bit of lush magic in the form of her French chanson influenced new single, “Telephone” which is released today via KIDinaKORNER Records and which we here at Discobelle can premiere.

“I wrote “Telephone” while I was in a long-distance relationship. The song is about the doubts and insecurities I felt being so far away from my significant other. Whenever I felt like I was spiraling or couldn’t sleep, talking on the phone would make things feel normal and put my mind at ease. This was the first long-distance relationship I had ever been in and I definitely wasn’t good at it.”

Istanbul/New York-based singer-songwriter/producer SIRMA released her glitched out and vocals driven new double single “On/”24 Hours” today and the single is a collaboration with producer Mallow (aka Ian Barnett) who turned heads for his work with NY rapper Marlon Craft.

“I used a bunch of sounds that I recorded on my Zoom field recorder- just random things around the apartment to create the beats. Between those sounds and samples from an old unreleased track of mine, it all came together really fast and organically. I showed both demos to SIRMA a year later and she liked them, so I sent her the stems I had bounced at the time, which she then re-arranged, wrote and recorded vocals on top of as well as finishing the production with a few additions and touches of her own. She also mixed and mastered both tracks, so the collaboration went pretty smoothly for me, because my input came at the very beginning and she did her thing after that.”

21-year-old singer/songwriter/producer Lucy Moncler is based out of Brampton on the outskirts of Toronto proper and he draws inspiration from artists such as Lil Peep, Col3trane, and Marco Luka.

His music can perhaps best be described as a hypnotic sounding blend of alternative r’n’b and emo rap, on new track “Temptation” we hear his glossed out vocals over haunting synths.

UK outfit HMLTD releases the visuals for the lush sounding single track “Why?”, taken off their forthcoming album “West Of Eden” which is slated for a release via Lucky Number on February 7th 2020 and is described as being: “a daring collection of songs created to incite conversation about proposed new visions of masculinity, the decadence of western capitalism and the violence of insecurity and repression”

“A further mirror to the modern world we live in – via exploring the paradoxical loneliness that defines modern, urban life. Set in Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolitan city and with the verse written in Japanese the song talks about being surrounded by people but an ever increased alienation and detachment from surrounding, neighbours and relationships. As the song progresses, the chorus sounds like Japanese but in fact is gibberish – mimicking the vertigo of detachment. Even when one does communicate. Is anybody really listening, understanding or trying to understand?”