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LOKATT is a techno/pop duo that consists of Stockholm-based sisters Nina and Johanna (who have a background as folk-pop/indie duo Piroth. Back in 2013, using their very own Oma’s Studio, they started producing techno music with pop influences from their own Oma’s Studio. In 2015 they released their acclaimed debut EP “Karg”, which was followed by the “Samoa EP”, in 2017. They also run the label Oma Gusti with releases by top name artists such as Harald Björk, Studio Barnhus, Nathan Fake, Missincat, The Land Below and Clara Moto.

Their new single “Me and AI” will be released tomorrow May 23rd via their own label Oma Gusti and it’s a steadfast melancholic sounding track with a spaced out techno melody and fleeting vocals.

The track deals with the relationship between man and machine and represents a metaphor for the human challenges in expressing emotion. “Me And AI” is a duet between the voices of LOKATT and their interpretation of the voice of AI.

Lokatt – Me and AI from Gilma Sobrino on Vimeo.

Bella Hunter signs with Armada Music to release her debut solo single, “Deja Vu,” a house music anthem that’s got the makings of a bonafide summer jam. Hunter explains that her new single is a love song that was “created in a dreamlike state,” and that the song is like “smudging the lines between memories and reality.” She’s determined to bring sophisticated, sexy vibes to house music around the world and with “Deja Vu”, it sounds like she’s well on her way.

So yea, I want it to be forever afternoon and I want “Always Afternoon” to be my guiding soundtrack. This song is crazy in its maturity and full of calming vibes coming from medasin and Kathleen. Its like they took 1920’s doo wop jazz and brought a modern electronic space element to the mix.

Banger of a track from Finnish producer Rony Red, featuring Carla Monroe (who wrote/sang MK’s “17”) on vocal duties. “Milk It”  is a fun and bouncy track that has the makings of a hit, while managing to reflect Rony Rex’s style and mantra to a tee. Monroe’s vocals and Rex’s production chops combine for a delightful final product that Rex claims “has a message I can align myself with,” with vocalist and songwriter Carla Monroe explaining further that the song “celebrates success – investing the sweat, grit and determination to make a dream reality and then making the most of the moment to celebrate when it all pays off; ie “Milking It’.”

Lucchii continues his streak of massive releases with his placement on Music High Court with his new single “Chøsen Ønes”. The track is an anthem for the youth who are struggling to find their place in such a complicated world. Featuring vocals from DAD and a massive drop, complex in its minimalism, will surely empower those who listen.